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We offer a combination of marketing strategies and tactics to deliver maximum reach and return on investment for our dealer partners. Using cutting edge Robotic Process Automation and Dynam- ically driven inventory campaigns you can expect more qualified car buyers in your showroom!

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Next Level Features Come Standard

There is a lot of competition for the car shopper’s attention! To be competitive online, your dealership deserves the very best, right out of the gate. That’s why when you partner with Digital Clicks, our premium technology & service come standard (Regardless of Media Budget)! There’s no holding back. We want your dealership to win.

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA)

RPA is an intelligent bot that processes all of the important yet mundane account changes, like bid settings, keyword mining and optimizations. We monitor your campaign performance and budget 24/7, 365 days a year!

Dynamic Inventory Marketing

With our Dynamic Inventory Targeting capabilities, every new or used vehicle on your website is automatically converted into a Google Ads campaign and directed back to that specific vehicle display page. That means No Lag, No Wasted Ad spend and No Missed Sales!

Dynamic Inventory Remarketing

Take your revenue and conversions to the next level with our Dynamic Inventory Remarketing campaigns! With this unique method, we can retarget customers using the exact unit they previewed last. Google has revealed a massive jump in conversions when adapting dynamic retargeting – up to 5x more than traditional methods of remarketing!

Real-Time Budget Reallocation

Our Intelligent Ad Technology can reallocate underspending media across multiple platforms like Google, Bing, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), YouTube and more. This ensures we are delivering to the right audience, at the right time!

Broadcast Messaging

Promoting your promotions or sales events just got easier with our Broadcast messaging capabilities! We can implement and launch promotions across the account or dealer group level in a matter of moments!

Vehicle Listing Ads

Out of all the agencies in Canada, we are one of the few who have been selected by Google for their Canadian Beta program launch for vehicle listing ads. That means your in-stock inventory is viewed in shopping tabs, right at the top of the Search engine results page. Please contact us to learn more.

Automated Co-op Reporting

Never miss out on a Co-op submission with our detailed co-op reporting. Our Reports include; click charges, ad copy, and display ads. Never miss out on a Co-op submission again!

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